2003 - 3.30 mins

A thoroughly modern geisha gets ready for a fun night out. This is the first episode of a (never completed!) series of short animations featuring the characters who appear in artist Lisa Milroy’s paintings. These depict the exploits of a group of geishas who think pleasure is more important than duty.

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‘Milroy and Bush transform a mundane domestic episode into a beautiful light-hearted animation’ Ziba de Weck Ardalan – Curator Momentary Momentum


(3 minutes, colour, 2003, hand painted and digital animation – DCP)

Designed by Lisa Milroy
Script, animation and direction by Paul Bush and Lisa Milroy
Edited by Paul Bush
Music and sound design by Andy Cowton

Copyright Paul Bush and Lisa Milroy 2003

Momentary Momentum – Exhibition – Parasol Unit, London