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SCRATCHED ON FILM TECHNIQUE His Comedy (1994) The Albatross (1998) The images were shot on 16mm to save money and then enlarged and printed on to 35mm negative and reversal film stock. The colour sensitive layers on normal negative stock are red, blue and yellow. Green and yellow colours are produced as the layers are scraped away. Reversal film stock has yellow, magenta and cyan layers which when scratched give blue and cyan colours. Two more colour combinations were obtained by scratching negative images and then printing them to give the complimentary colours. The final images were all edited together using an optical printer. Still Life with Small Cup (1995) was printed on to 35mm (aka Vistavision) as a negative image on colour negative It was scratched to give purple and magenta colours as in the third column of the diagram. Secret Love (2002) was shot on mini-DV, printed on to 35mm colour negative and scratched as in the first column of the diagram. The colours were digitally produced and then it was printed to 35mm film again for distribution.