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2001 - 5.30 mins - 35mm - colour
Produced, directed and edited by Paul Bush
Dancers - Yalckun Abdurehim, Matthew Hawkins, Camille Litalien, Franziska Rosenzweig
Camera - Paul Bush
Music - P Tchaikovsky
Sound design - Andy Cowton
An Ancient Mariner Production funded by the Arts Council of England

A parasitic presence has completely taken over the body of its host while allowing its movements and mannerisms to remain intact; a pas de deux from classical ballet has been restaged frame by frame with the two original dancers replaced by four new dancers. The movement remains continuous, but in each frame a different person occupies the dancers' body space. the White Swan pas de deux from Swan Lake as originally danced by Marina Semenova and Yuri Kondratov in 1946 is re-enacted by Yalckun Abdurehim, Matthew Hawkins, Camille Litalien and Franziska Rosenzweig.

Film of the original ballet is played on a monitor frame by frame. The new dancers can see themselves superimposed on the image of the original dance. They match their position to that of the original dancers. A frame of this is captured and the dancers change for the next frame. The whole dance is reconstructed in this way (see hire and sales for interviews with Bush and Hawkins about the making of Pas de Deux de Deux)

Il Coreografo Elettronico Award - Napolidanza 2003, Italy
Commissioned by the Arts Council of England for the Capture Tour UK 2001-2