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2003 - 3.30 mins - digi-beta - colour
2D animation
A film by Paul Bush and Lisa Milroy
Designed by Lisa Milroy
Script - Paul Bush, Lisa Milroy
Animation - Paul Bush, Lisa Milroy
Music and sound design - Andy Cowton

A thoroughly modern geisha gets ready for a fun night out. Artist Lisa Milroy and film-maker Paul Bush have been working together for a year. The result is a series of short animations based on the characters in Milroy's recent paintings. These follow the exploits of a group of geishas who like living it up. This is the first episode.

'Milroy and Bush transform a mundane domestic episode into a beautiful light-hearted animation' Ziba de Weck Ardalan

Momentary Momentum - Exhibition - Parasol Unit, London

A limited edition of 100 DVDs signed by the artists are available for sale - see Hire and Sales.